Violet Walker is a character in Coming Out On Top. She is introduced during Philbert's story line when the fundraising dinner Phil, Mark and Penny attend.

During the fundraiser, Mark is trying to impress Violet's parents, Mr and Mrs Walker while she was ordering her drink, with little success. Penny was annoyed by her who took a long time ordering at the bar.

A few days later, If Mr and Mrs Walker is impressed by Mark's conversation with them, Phil called to take Violet to a ballet. Violet seized the opportunity to go to a night out in a nightclub. Phil and Mark had to convince her to go home.

Appearance Edit

Violet has brown eyes and a slender figure. She has brown hair tied up to a high pony tail and wears a silver necklace. She is dressed in a light pink top with purple roses on the left with a silver bangle on her right hand.

Personality Edit

Violet appeared to be spoiled and demanding, and will throw tantrums when she does not get her way.

Due to her upbringing, she also seemed out of touch with the outside world and seemingly inconsiderate with other people.

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