Sylvia Zhou is the older sister of Jed in Coming Out On Top. She works as a full time bartender. She doesn't think much of Jed's frequent fuck buddies, naturally. She's often visiting to check up on her younger brother just to make sure he's still breathing.

Mark met Sylvia at Jed's apartment when he wanted to visit him when he is feeling horny one Tuesday night. He noticed there is no noise made from the apartment unlike every other Tuesdays. Sylvia answered the door and noticed his erection under his pants, and shouted at him while alarming the neighbors. Mark quickly slipped away from embarrassment.

Later, she apologizes for misjudging Mark and asked for Jed's whereabouts when he went missing for a few days.

Appearance Edit

Sylvia has short black hair which is shaved on the right side of her head. She wears a grey and green streaked top and has piercings on her right ear..