Slurpy is the pet fish of the protagonist, Mark Matthews. He was purchased one day before the start of the game and remains as a supporting character/potential romance option.

The more studious Mark is, the closer he will get to Slurpy the fish. He can even attempt to pet him. However, Slurpy is later revealed to be a malevolent character who pushes Mark into the depths of madness.

There is a secret ending in which Mark is driven insane and has a love affair with Slurpy. He tries to blow up his friends with a lighter and Ian's bottle of lube, just because Slurpy told him to. "NO MASTERS. NO SLAVES.", Slurpy says. After the bombing attempt, Penny decides its time to flush Slurpy down the toilet. Mark is devastated. However, Slurpy will eventually climb out of the toilet while Mark's roommates are away and proceed to have sex with Mark.


  • Slurpy's zodiac sign is Scorpio.