Penny Zuckerburg is the sole main female character in Coming Out On Top.

Character Summary Edit

Penny is a roommate of Mark and Ian since they started at Orlin University. She is a cousin of Phil and also has another cousin named Julie whom she introduced Mark prior to the story.

Her nickname is Penster. She is a computer science major whose ambition is to create an app that will make millions, however her apps she developed so far, "Campus Mapper" and "Tanning Spray" were buggy and still in beta stages. That changed when she initiated Brofinder, a casual dating app that is catered for gay men.

She has a blog called 'MyLifeIsAwesomerThanYours', and from there she had explained that her family is a melting pot (as Penny is white, while her cousin Phil is black). Penny is a supportive friend to Mark and Ian often teases them with sarcastic remarks. She is also hot-headed and determined, and willing to work long hours coding her app at the computer lab. Often the most sensible one in the group as she offers good advice for her friends.

Even though she is helpful, she often does things with her own personal agenda, such as taking Mark out to a gay bar to check out the bathroom and going to the fundraiser to mingle with successful people.

Appearance Edit

Penny has a slightly shorter build with short purple hair with hair pins at the side. She is often seen wearing a white hoodie. In formal occasions she wears a yellow dress with a necklace.

Relationships Edit

Mark Edit

Penny and Mark are roommates since they started college. They met when Mark warned her that she will step into the gutter when she was testing out Campus Mapper. She took Mark out to Charlie's, a gay bar in Orlin right after Mark to commemorate his coming out. She often teases Mark about his romantic encounters and asks Mark to test her apps.

Ian Edit

Although Penny and Ian are roommates, their personalities clash and they got into quarrels very often. Penny hates Ian for leaving his stuff around and using her toothbrush. She also does not like Ian's constant hogging the bathroom.

Phil Edit

Phil and Penny are cousins and they are very close. Penny wanted to ship Mark and Penny soon after Mark coming out and seek chances to let them know each other better.

Although Phil prefers to be called just "Phil", she still calls him Philbert.

Alex Edit

Although Penny and Alex do not directly interact, Penny plays a great role in helping Mark investigate the sabotage and clearing Alex's name in the university. Penny referred Alex as a "Norse God" who stooped down to teach.

Jed Edit

Before Mark goes upstairs to confront Jed for making noises on Tuesday nights (thus she refers him as T-Rex Tuesdays), Penny went to complain to him and planned to give him a negative rating. However, she quickly returned as "there no check boxes" for what she saw. Jed and Penny briefly met when he stopped by at their apartment and called her "Purple Lady".

Trivia Edit

  • Her last name is possibly a reference to Mark Zuckerberg, who created Facebook.
  • She is a huge fan of Dusklight, a trilogy about vampire romance novel.
  • She has a dislike for rats, and wonders why there are so many rats in RPG games.
  • Penny's zodiac sign is Virgo.

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