Mark Matthews is the main character of Coming Out On Top.

He is a gay undergraduate student in his senior year in Orlin University. He is living with his friends Penny and Ian in an apartment.

Mark is the only child in the family and his father's name is Stanley. His mother was unnamed in the story. If Mark chooses to come out to his parents, they will openly accept him and even his mother set up dates for him.

Mark was in the water polo team previously and his swimming abilities earned him the nickname "Spanish Armada". He stopped playing water polo due to a shoulder injury. Mark is also academically smart as he has an option to tutor English to non-native speakers on weekends.

Mark was the star pupil in choir practice as a young adult. (Mentioned during Terry's Date)


Mark is sweet and smart, your average run of the mill college student. He appears to be a well adjusted and friendly young man, living his life leisurely, or at least that's what his friends and family thought. In reality, Mark has been hiding his sexuality for years, and has decided that now is the time to be true to himself. This is where the game begins. What happens next to Mark is up to the player...

Appearance Edit

Mark has short brown hair with slim muscular build. He wears a grey shirt with navy blue sweater vest. He also wears a grey tee for casual occasions.

Relationships Edit

Ian Edit

Mark and Ian are roommates since they started college. They met at the first week of college, during an icebreaker at the dorms. Ian told Mark that the secret to meeting people is a funny hat.

Compared to Penny, Mark is closer to Ian because Ian often invited him for parties and going to the gym on Saturdays. He and Mark also confide more personal details to each other.

Mark and Ian is considered the best friends turned romantic type of relationship.

Penny Edit

Penny usually asked Mark to be her tester for her apps, mostly for "Tanning Spray". She is often very concerned for Mark's romantic relationship and introduced him to her cousins as dates. Ultimately she is the more reasonable friend to Mark compared to Ian, who offered more sound advice.

Alex Edit

Alex is Mark's Anatomy professor. If Mark chooses to go to Charlie's after coming out, he will meet Alex at the bar. At one instance Mark dreamed about Alex fingering him in front of the lecture. He will also meet in the gym on weekends, and often invited to play racquetball.

Mark and Alex's relationship will be the student-teacher romance type.

Brad Edit

Brad and Mark will know each other if Mark chooses to respond to the tutoring gig at the athletic house. Initially Brad will try to bribe him by asking him to write Brad's papers instead of actual studying.

Brad and Mark will be the stereotypical nerd falling in love with a jock romance, although Mark might not fit the exact mold of a nerd, but he is smart enough to be one.

Jed Edit

After hearing the noise from upstairs, Mark went up to tell Jed to keep the noise down. If Mark chooses to engage further with Jed, he will be invited to his apartment for a bukakke party, mistaking him for Cumslut97.

Jed and Mark's relationship will be the falling in love with a bad boy type.

Phil Edit

Penny asked Mark to welcome Phil at the airport and after a misunderstanding for Mark being a racist, Phil was very distant and cold to him.

Phil's relationship with Mark will fit into the military romance type.

Trivia Edit

  • Mark's name can be customized by the player.
  • Penny mentioned that Mark has a thing for shapely bottoms, but she thought he refers to female bottoms before he came out.
  • He has a pet goldfish named Slurpy which he bought one day prior to the story.

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