Jed Zhou is a potential love interest of Mark in Coming Out On Top who lives a floor up from Mark's apartment. He's in a rising local punk-rock band named The Dirty Loofahs, where he is the lead singer, keyboardist, and song writer. He is joined with Dart, Jade and Vince.

He has an older sister Sylvia who tries to watch out for him. Jed also works part-time delivering pizzas, but is very dedicated to his the punk-rock genre and wants the band to be all it can be.

Personality Edit

Jed is initially portrayed as somewhat direct and intimidating, having no problem at all being naked in public, hosting bukkake parties with strangers and even inviting people he very recently met to join in.

He is a trusting, no-nonsense kind of guy, thinking everyone should be their genuine selves and hoping as much for his band's future. His dedication for the band's success can sometimes have repercussions, however.

Towards the end of his romantic route, Jed is shown to be very sweet and caring towards Mark, a sharp contrast to his bad boy appearance.

Appearance Edit

Jed has dark brown eyes and long jet black hair tied into a pony tail, and has piercings on his left eyebrow and ears. He has a striped tattoo on his left arm and a brick pattern tattoo on the lower right arm. His musculature is lean and well-toned, with a slim waist.

When he is in the band he only wears red striped suspenders. He also wears a black, ripped sleeveless tee with a ivory necklace or white sleeveless tee with a blue cap.

During the church service and the piano competition he wears a suit, which he does not enjoy.

Relationships Edit

Mark Edit

Mark first encounters Jed during a noise complaint. Jed greets Mark while naked, and thought he was arriving early for a bukkake party. Disappointed that Mark isn't "CumSlut97," he invites Mark to join in or stop back by for free sex on another night, thinking Mark needs a little loosening up.

Jed affectionately nicknamed Mark "Sparky," because according to Jed Mark reminds him of someone he met in prison. In reality, Sylvia explains Sparky was a nickname for someone from Sunday school (prison for kids) that Jed had a childhood crush on.

During his romance route, Jed makes surprise visits to Mark's apartment to deliver "peace offering" pizzas. He invites Mark to see his punk-rock band "The Dirty Loofas" perform, but a fight breaks out and cops arrive to break it up and make arrests. Jed escapes with Mark to the roof, where they discuss music and Jed gives him a blowjob.

The band gains recognition at the cost of member cohesion, as they are losing money. Jed pays Mark another visit, and invites him to another gig the band is playing, though he accidentally gives him a pamphlet for a church service.

Ian and Penny worry Jed is using Mark when he continuously asks for help, but in the end Jed asks because he trusts Mark.

Jed is nearly kicked out by other members when an opportunity to rebrand presents itself. With Mark's help, the band is kept together and Jed wins a piano competition to fund further success without having to resort to changing their music or identity.

Sylvia Edit

Sylvia is Jed's older sister by a few years. She often visits to check up on her younger brother just to make sure he's still breathing. She's not a huge fan of his lifestyle or how flaky he can act, and the two do get into fights. Regardless, she does care for him and worries when he goes missing.

Penny Edit

Penny was the first person to meet Jed to complain about the noise, but found out first hand about his habit of being naked. Penny didn't press the noise issue further afterward. Jed refers to her amicably as "Purplelady," while Penny refers to Jed as "T-Rex Tuesday" due to making noise every Tuesday night.


  • Jed's of Taiwanese descent.
  • He prefers going commando to wearing underwear.
  • He is a fan of the American rock band The Stooges.
  • Jed plays classical piano and won many awards and medals in his younger days.
  • He is uncircumcised.

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