Jed Zhou is a potential love interest of Mark in Coming Out On Top who lives upstairs from Mark's apartment. He is the lead singer and song writer of The Dirty Loofahs and plays keyboard in his band. He has frequent visits from his sister Sylvia.

Jed also works part-time delivering pizzas.

Personality Edit

Jed is portrayed as an inconsiderate neighbor to Mark and his roommates, making a lot of noise while practicing his music and having bukkake parties in his apartment. However, that changed on day when he offered pizza to Mark and his friends as a peace offering.

Jed is also known as a show off as a performer, which irritated his band mates as this hurts their chances to seal a record deal.

To Mark's surprise he attended church and plays the piano during service. Jed claims that he stayed in church so that he can practice playing the piano for the piano competition.

Appearance Edit

Jed has long black hair tied to a pony tail and has piercings on his left eye brow and ears. He has a striped tattoo on his left arm and a brick pattern tattoo on the lower right arm.

When he is in the band he only wears red striped suspenders. He also wears a black, ripped sleeveless tee with a ivory necklace or white sleeveless tee with a blue cap.

During the church service and the piano competition he wears a suit.

Relationships Edit

Mark Edit

Mark first encounter Jed when he went to his apartment to complain about the noise. Jed greeted him while he is naked, and thought he is here for a sex party.

Jed sometimes call him Sparky, because Mark looked like the person whom he met in prison. (In reality according to Sylvia, it is a name of his childhood friend he knew in church)

Penny Edit

Penny was the first person to meet Jed to complain about the noise, but she quickly returned as "there no check boxes" for what she saw.


  • He's Taiwanese.
  • Jed's encounter with Mark is usually on Tuesday nights, when he is usually free.
  • He can play the piano classically.
  • He is uncircumcised.
  • Jed's zodiac is Pisces.

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