Ian Manachevitz is a friend, roommate and potential love interest of Mark in Coming Out On Top. Mark, Ian and Penny have been roommates since they started at Orlin University. Ian is a C average Zoology student and works as a part-time Barista at the local college coffee shop hang out, JoJo's.

Ian is attempting to get into a Grad program that will send him to South America for 2 years to study Capuchin Monkeys.

Personality Edit

Ian has a laid back slacker vibe who loves to go to parties and meet girls. He has a great sense of humor and often does not take himself seriously. This often results in him getting a lot of trouble to himself and sometimes his roommates.

Despite his poor performance in academics, he is portrayed to be quite knowledgeable and has a good perspective on many social issues. Sometimes Ian's advice works well for Mark, despite the advice he gave sounds bizarre at first.

He's a big football fan and also has a number of strange fetishes, one of which involves foam fingers. He also has a season pass to all the Orlin Otters Football games.

Appearance Edit

Ian has dark brown tussled hair with a muscular body. He often wears an olive tee for causal occasions. When he is in the apartment he sometimes wears a black tee with green details with a picture of a pink bulldog wearing a cape. He also worn a blue polo tee at parties.

Walkthrough Edit

I'm gay. (Proceed to #2)
I'm gay. High five! (Proceed to #2)
Uh, just a reminder. (Just pick one of the other for the sake of simplicity)
All right. (Starts Alex's route, which can later be stopped, but for the sake of simplicity pick the other.)
Eh. (Proceed to #3)
Fine, fine! (Starts Alex's route, which can later be stopped, but for the sake of simplicity pick the other.)
I bet it's nice... (Proceed to #5)
I wonder what your... (Proceed to #5)
I've got a lot on my mind... (Proceed to #5, recommended)
Borrow his lube. (Just pick the other for the sake of simplicity)
Ew, are you kidding me? (Proceed to #6)
Whack off. (Just pick the other for the sake of simplicity)
Sleep like an angel. (Proceed to #7, recommended)
HELLLOOO Professor. (Just pick the other for the sake of simplicity)
Meh. (Proceed to #8, recommended)
Penny! Enough with the orange photos! (Proceed to #9)
Please, can we beta test another time? (Proceed to #9)
NO. (Proceed to #10)
Okay, okay, OKAY!!! (Proceed to #10, highly recommended)
Sure, no prob. (Proceed to #11)
No. (Ends Route)
Take a quick peek. (Proceed to #12)
Leave the box closed. (Proceed to #13)
Snag an item. (Proceed to #13, unlocks #14 and #15)
Gross! (Proceed to #13)
I'm bidding my time. (Proceed to #12)
I'm planning on telling them. (Proceed to #12, recommended)
Thanks man, I appreciate it. (Proceed to #15 if stole the dildo, otherwise #16)
By the way, I may... (Proceed to #15 if stole the dildo, otherwise #16)
It's going to ne me... (Proceed to #17)
No, just no. (Proceed to #16)
Tell them. (Proceed to #17, recommended)
Oh, you know. (Proceed to #17)
Tutor at the Student Learning Center for extra cash. (Proceed to #18)
Get a head start start on term paper. (Proceed to #18)
Watch the Horror Movie... (Proceed to #18)
Beat off... (Proceed to #19)
Study... (Proceed to #19, recommended)
Can you guys handle this? (Proceed to #20)
One of us should go... (Starts Jed's route, which can later be stopped, but for the sake of simplicity pick the other.)
God, FINE! (Starts Phil's route, which can later be stopped, but for the sake of simplicity pick the other.)
You know who loves getting up... (Proceed to #21, recommended)
Accept the job. (Starts Brad's route, which can later be stopped, but for the sake of simplicity pick the other.)
Tell her no. (Proceed to #19)
Oh god! (Proceed to #24, recommended)
Thanks for listening, Slurpy. (Proceed to #24)
All right, all right. (Proceed to #25, recommended)
Are you done with armchair psychologizing? (Proceed to #24)
No thanks. (Proceed to #26)
GAWD, FINE! (Proceed to #25)
A couple laps at the pool sound refreshing. (Proceed to #26)
Work up a sweat on the treadmill. (Proceed to #26)
Exercise? (Proceed to #26)
Tutor at the Student Learning Center... (Proceed to #27)
Get some extra studying done. (Proceed to #27)
Accompany Ian and Penny to... (Proceed to #27)
Fine, fine... (Proceed to #28)
I'm not interested... (Proceed to #28)
Fine, fine. (Proceed to #29)
Not gonna happen. (Proceed to #30)
You're here for a purpose... (Proceed to #30)
Maybe see... (Proceed to #30)
Hit the treadmill. (Proceed to #30)
Tutor at the Student Learning Center... (Proceed to #31)
Get some extra studying done. (Proceed to #31)
Invite Ian and Penny to the beach... (Proceed to #31)
Oh, why not? (Proceed to #32)
I'd rather not. (Ends Route)
How are we doing tonight? (Proceed to #33)
Can I get either of you something to drink? (Proceed to #33)
What are respectable girls like you..? (Proceed to #33, Ends Route after that)
You know, I had to drag... (Ends Route)
Hey, it's not his fault. (Proceed to #34)
Look, he's kind of a goofball... (Proceed to #36, necessary for a successful romance, unlocks CG#1)
Nine point five inches, ladies. (Ends Route)
An Eastern Brown Snake. (Proceed to #35)
A Taipan. (Proceed to #35)
A Western Diamondback. (Proceed to #35)
A Death Adder. (Proceed to #35)
Calf. (Ends Route)
Penis. (Ends Route)
Attempt to sleep. (Proceed to #38)
Listen. (Proceed to #37)
Jack off. (Proceed to #38)
Go to bed. (Proceed to #38)
All right, Ian. (Proceed to #39)
I actually have other stuff... (Ends Route)
Tutor at the Student Learning Center... (Proceed to #40)
Get some studying done. (Proceed to #40)
Invite Ian and Penny to... (Proceed to #40)
Forget it. (Proceed to #41)
I don't want your "help" anymore! (Ends Route)
I know the agenda, dummy. (Proceed to #42, unlocks CG#3)
It doesn't matter. (Proceed to #42, unlocks CG#3)
Tutor at the Student Learning Center... (Proceed to #43)
Get some studying done. (Proceed to #43)
Since you promised the old lady... (Proceed to #43)
Unlocks CG#2
Maybe a bit. (Proceed to #44)
All I was hoping was to meet somebody. (Proceed to #48)
Thanks for the apology. (Proceed to #48)
I don't know. (Proceed to #46)
Er, what? (Proceed to #45)
Yeah, prove it! (Proceed to #46)
Wow, you're so wasted. (Proceed to #48)
Hell yes. (Proceed to #47)
Hell no. (Proceed to #48)
Haha, I changed my mind! (Proceed to #48)
Remove your briefs. (Proceed to #49, unlocks CG#4 but Ends Route)
No. (Ends Route)
Sounds like you want to tell me about it,... (Proceed to #49, necessary for a sucessful romance)
Kiss him. (Ends Route)
Fall asleep cuddling with him. (Proceed to #50)
Extricate yourself, and sleep beside him. (Proceed to #50)
Wake him up and send him back to his room. (Proceed to #51)
Jack off in the bathroom. (Proceed to #51)
Jack off next to him. (Ends Route)
This too shall pass. (Proceed to #51)
Tutor at the Student Learning Center... (Proceed to #52)
Get some studying done. (Proceed to #52)
Treat Penny to a dinner... (Proceed to #52)

Relationship Edit

Mark Edit

Mark and Ian share a close bond since they were roommates. Ian often invited Mark for parties and going to the gym on Saturdays. He and Mark also confide more personal details to each other. However, he was often quite defensive whenever Mark told him about his romantic encounters with other men.

If his romance is pursued, he will invite Mark to a party where he spontaneously kisses Mark in order to prove to two women, Molly and Holly that he is an accepting, fun loving, hookup. He later has a threesome with them, but later on drunkenly admits to Mark he was thinking of their kiss when he came.

He later attempts to be Mark's wing-man but lies about Mark having a monster cock in order to get the attention of the men at the gay bar, much to Mark's dismay. Later on, he will begin to act more distant with Mark, eventually rejecting his own birthday gift and claiming he will go with Zoe to Las Vegas instead. When Mark goes to return the birthday gift, he meets Zoe at the sex shop, where she reveals that Ian is actually not in Vegas. Mark later goes to her loft and finds that she was going to help Ian experience a gay fantasy he had been keeping secret for a very long time. It's revealed that Ian has had a crush on Mark for a very long time, and then Mark can either give Ian his fantasy anonymously, or pull off his blindfold and talk to him about his feelings.

The next day, Ian will come out to Penny and Mark, mirroring Mark's own coming out speech. At the end of the semester, Ian will go out to South America, with or without Mark, but later return and begin a relationship with him. Two years later, Ian and Mark marry each other and begin a new life together.

Penny Edit

Although Penny and Ian are roommates, their personalities clash and they got into quarrels very often. While Penny hates Ian for leaving his stuff around, Ian also teases her for the failed apps she has developed.

Zoe Edit

Ian has and on again off again relationship with his girlfriend Zoe, which he planned to break up with her before helping her move. He also owns an impressive collection of sex toys which was left behind at her loft after their break up.

Interestingly Zoe was the first to know about Ian's secret sexual fantasy of Mark.

Brad Edit

Ian and Brad briefly met when Brad was invited by Mark to burn the midnight oil while working on his paper. He interrupted them by claiming to find his nun-chucks and acting tough. Ian felt Brad is the typical jock who uses people like Mark to coast through life.

Phil Edit

Phil and Ian meet in an unexpected way. Mark and Phil were having sex while he went home late, whether or not he sees them doing it is depending on the player.

Jed Edit

Ian and Jed only met when Jed brought pizza to Mark's apartment. Though he does show some signs of jealousy on Jed's route once Mark and Jed start getting closer after the second pizza delivery.

Trivia Edit

  • If Mark manages to save $800 within the semester he might join Ian in South America, if they're on good enough terms.
  • Ian speaks Esperanto.
  • Ian's zodiac sign is Aries.

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