Graham Coxburn is a biochemistry professor in Orlin University and also the rival of Alex. He sends Edwina to spy on him and Mark.

Graham's relentless attempts to sabotage Alex's career make him the true antagonist of his story line. Due to a failed research experiment, he seeks to eliminate all his competition in order to remain at the university. That being said, he attempts to exploit the university's strict rules revolving inappropriate relationships between students and professors against Alex.

He is encountered several times by the player before he can finally be confronted in his research laboratory along with his assistant Edwina. He continues to manipulate Edwina until the very end, even forcing her to call the police on the player if Mark acts too aggressively.

However, if the player chooses to let Graham go in peace, Alex will not lose his job and the player can potentially continue the romance with him. Graham disappears from the story by this point.


  • Graham's zodiac sign is Gemini. 

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