Edwina is a graduate student in Orlin University and works for Graham. She is socially awkward, shy and mostly reserved.

Edwina is a prominent character in Alex's story line as she is Graham's spy, who works to get Alex fired. What attracted her to work with Graham initially is the their field of interest intertwined and his previous research potentially brings in grant for the university. She allows herself to be pushed around by Graham for most of the game, but when he asks her to commit animal cruelty on the lab rats, she draws the line. Edwina also likes to frequent JoJo's, where Ian spotted her while he is on his shift.

However, some of her mistakes involve relentlessly spying on Alex and Mark, and even taking photos of them at the men's locker room at the university's gym. Mark and a group of other men will catch this, but Alex will not find out unless Mark tells him at the end of his story line.

Mark and Penny may launch an investigation to find and confront Edwina, but must be careful, as she will call the police on Mark if she feels too threatened. After a tense confrontation involving Mark, Penny, herself and her adviser Graham, she disappears from the story.

Later it is revealed that Edwina is the one who explained to Alex about the reasons the investigation is dropped is due to Mark's help to crack down Graham's plan.


Edwina has wavy red hair and wears cat-eye glasses. She wears a loose green sweater with a white shirt underneath it.


  • She named one of the laboratory mice as Hammurabi Joe.
  • Edwina's zodiac sign is Taurus.

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