Alex Davies a potential love interest to Mark in Coming Out On Top. He is a professor of the Biology department who teaches anatomy in Orlin University. Mark attends his classes on Mondays during his final semester.

Alex frequents the campus gym on weekends and is an avid racquetball player. His research has been published and is in the running for tenure in the university.

Personality Edit

Alex is mature, well-spoken and very passionate, especially regarding his subject matter. He loves to teach but finds academic politics to be a distasteful aspect of the job.

Alex is a competitive individual when it comes to sports (such as racquetball). Despite his intellectual achievements, he feels the need to prove to others that he is more than just a handsome face.

Alex is respectful and honest, as he will let Mark know that he is attracted to him but does not want to jeopardize his job, Mark's education, nor does he want to string the young man along. Alex prides himself on his self-control, but his unwavering attraction to Mark was the first time he second-guessed this strength in himself.

Appearance Edit

Alex has short, parted blonde hair with a well-toned muscular build. During class, he wears glasses and a blue shirt and gray vest with a teal tie. On some occasions he wears a beige shirt with an orange tie. At the gym, he wears a gray sleeveless tee. In the bar or on casual outings he often wears a black shirt leaving one button undone.

Relationship Edit

Mark Edit

Alex and Mark first meet at the gay bar in Orlin named Charlie's, and later in Mark's anatomy class. Both men felt mutual attraction towards the other, and are later shocked by the revelation of their student-teacher status. Alex tries to maintain a professional distance from Mark, both out of respect for Mark's education as well as his own profession. However, the two continuously bump into one another at the gym and their sexual tension only intensifies until they kiss in the locker room.

Alex and Mark's relationship is used as fuel to try and get Alex fired from the University by Graham, a bitter colleague in the Biology department who felt threatened by the new professor. Alex is left devastated by the blackmailing and invasion of his privacy, and his teaching suffers as he succumbs to the pressure.

To fulfill Alex's romance route, Mark and Penny help behind the scenes to get Graham to retract his attempt at getting Alex fired. After Mark graduates, Alex finds out Mark was the one who helped him, and the two begin a relationship and move in together.

Graham Edit

Graham is a fellow professor in Orlin University. He is threatened by Alex's arrival on campus, and he sees him as a direct rival due to his achievements and publications. This causes Graham to try and keep tabs on the new professor, and eventually try to get him fired.


  • Alex was the first romance route created during Coming Out on Top's prototype, and has undergone a number of character redesigns.
  • His middle name is Monroe.
  • His attractiveness is frequently mentioned, being the stereotypical "hot professor." Penny refers to Alex as a Norse god who's stooped down to the mortal plane to teach, and Edwina says he looks like he could be an underwear model.
  • Alex's age is not mentioned in the story, but is described to be quite a number of years older than Mark. Mark even thought that he must "have at least have 2.5 children." He is, however, mentioned as being at the "beginning" of his career and being somewhat young to have a tenure-track position at a major university. This suggests that he is in his late 20s or early 30s.
  • Alex's alcoholic beverage of choice is Scotch, and Lagavulin's is his favorite.
  • Alex's zodiac is Leo.

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